Pecan Pralines

Pecan Pralines

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Our very first job in the store was being official taste tester for Mom's homemade pralines. Sweet, right? We loved the job so much, we begged Mom to put us to "work" every day. Back then, our sweet, buttery pralines were made fresh daily in our own kitchen using cream, butter, sugar & fresh Georgia pecans. Guess what? They're still made the exact same way today! See How This Southern Treat Is Made!~ Tim & Jennifer

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Pralines: Our Savannah Pralines are World Famous

    Making a traditional Savannah praline is about more than just the ingredients that go into them. River Street Sweets know that dedication to a quality product and a love of sweet treats is what makes our pralines special. As a family owned business, we take pride knowing that everything from our original pecan pralines to our chocolate bear claws are made only in small batches to ensure they are perfect every time. We grew up on delicious homemade Savannah Pralines, and we want you to enjoy them too.

    We at River Street Sweets have what you may call a true sweet tooth. Since 1973 our pralines have been a staple in the community of Savannah Georgia and beyond. We represent true southern hospitality with a warm shop that always smells like fresh baked goods, the way mom's house always smelled. Locals and tourists are tempted on the street by samples that allow you to truly taste what we're talking about.

    Online and in store you can purchase a variety of different sweets including our traditional world famous pralines. This classic southern sweet means a lot to us. After all, we were the first taste testers. And you can bet we enjoyed every minute of it! Today, we ship our praline products in decorative gift tins and boxes all over the country to those who need a little Southern comfort no matter where they are. Our praline products also include decedent cheesecakes, pecan pralines, and praline cake recipes with gooey insides and a gorgeous drizzle. When it comes to our Savannah pralines , there's a product for everyone.

    As a family owned business we know the importance of making sure that each and everyone of our praline products are of a certain standard. We want you to be feel the warm praline in your hand and smell the kitchen that they came from. To us, it isn't about how many products we can produce. It's about making people happy and providing classic Southern treats that we love to people all over the country. If you're looking to try a traditional homemade treat our pralines make a great first time taste. And for those who want to sample just about everything, our Savannah Sampler gift box is a great choice or our monthly sweet tooth club that will deliver great homemade sweets to your door all year long. It's the perfect way to keep your sweet tooth happy and sample many of the products that we at River Street Sweets have to offer.

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