Fall in the South

Fall into the Sweet Spot...

     Welcome to our new blog! We're thrilled you stopped by. This is a very exciting time for us here at River Street Sweets. Communicating with our guests has never been more important, and our new website and candy blog is an ideal way for us to share what's happening and to hear from you.
     After a long, hot, Savannah summer here in the deep south, and our recent harrowing experience with Hurricane Matthew, fall is finally here. October was a busy month for River Street Sweets and the River Street Restaurant Group, and November promises to be the same. So much has been and still is happening, including the wonderful work we do every day in the candy stores and restaurants; continued hurricane recovery; franchising; and getting ready for the very-near holidays.

     We're so happy to announce that the wonderful Willard family, who opened our first franchise store in Pooler, Georgia, last year, is in the process of opening a second location in one of our favorite places: Key West, Florida. Congratulations, Willard family!

     And in spite of the hurricane hitting here at the same time we were scheduled to attend the 2016 Franchise Expo West in Denver, Colorado, some of us were still fortunate enough to go. We were even featured in the Denver Business Journal.

     Here on River Street, we recently celebrated Halloween and Oktoberfest, both of which fell within days of each other this year.

     For Halloween, we had a great time entertaining the many trick-or-treaters that visited us in the candy store and restaurants. In fact, we had a great time dressing up for our employee Halloween costume contest. Our tradition of a company wide, group costume contest was a great success once again. Our Mail Order Team "The Candy Coven" aptly coveting the grand prize of a $500 donation to the charity of their choice and a catered pizza party.

     This October, Savannah was also recognized by two respected publications. Conde Nast named Savannah as one of the 15 Best Small Cities in the United States (#5). And Cosmopolitan ranked us as one of the 10 Most Haunted Cit-ies in the United States (#5). Go Savannah, go!

     With October now behind us, we're gearing up for a busy weekend on the street. Hopped up on Brews and the Savannah Rock 'n Roll Marathon both take place this Saturday, Nov. 5th. Hopped up on Brews is a craft beer tasting on River Street featuring offerings from 20 Georgia breweries; while the Rock 'n Roll Marathon is an annual event that attracts more than 14,000 participants. We know you'll be hungry and thirsty, and hope you'll stop by to see us!

     Also coming up in just a few weeks is Thanksgiving. Our kitchen ovens stay hot 24/7 this time of this year to keep up with demand for our baked goods. It's been a long year, so don't forget that if you just don't feel like making dessert, we can do it for you.

     Our baked goods won't taste stale or store bought because like our candy, all of the ingredients are fresh, with no preservatives. We offer classic southern items: pecan pies, praline cheesecakes, and a whole assortment of fantastic layer cakes like red-velvet and southern caramel, to name just a few.

     We're also offering a new baked item this year, our German Chocolate Cake. This is a special treat inspired by some childhood experiences of River Street Sweets owners Jennifer and Tim Strickland.

     Not many people know it, but the sister-and-brother foodie duo lived in Ger-many as children while their father served in the army. They lived with a Ger-man family close to a neighborhood bakery, and every day Jennifer would visit the bakery to practice her German and taste some yummy, authentic German treats. One of her favorites was the classic chocolate cake made fresh there everyday.

     Our new German chocolate cake pays homage to this memory. Covered in a smooth, coconut-flaked icing drizzled with chocolate ganache, this is a chocolate cake like no other. Trust us when we tell you it tastes as delicious now as it did back then!

     That's all for this week. Stay sweet!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Let us help make your family gatherings sweet and easy with handmade baked treats like Traditional Pecan Pies, Caramel Layer cakes and the classic Southern treat, Red Velvet Cakes.

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