How About an Inside-the-Box Halloween & Fall This Year

If you're all over the running around and shopping that goes into planning an out-of-the-box Halloween experience, you might want to consider an inside-the-box get-together where you can serve your guests snacks and desserts that taste of something other than pumpkin spice. If this sounds good to you, River Street Sweets can ship that box direct to your door.

The best part is that you don't even have to take a step outside. All you have to do for an inside-the-box celebration is go to our Fall Treats & Halloween Candy category and choose from the wide selection of fall treats and Halloween candy pictured there. Then sit back and wait for them to arrive. In fact if you're like so many of our faithfully returning customers, you'll be so taken with the ease of ordering that you will turn your back on the preconceived notions of how to have fall fun.

Instead of handing out to trick or treaters the same old miniature Halloween wrapped candy bars they'll be getting from everyone else in your neighborhood, why not wow them with a packet containing one of our world-famous original or chocolate pralines or perhaps one of our irresistible bear claws. Both are available in cases of 100 individually wrapped treats. But if not that many children come to your door, you can pack them in your kids school boxes or bring them to your next tailgating affair.

Speaking of tailgating, if you serve up one of our pecan pies or one of our wide selection of baked goods, perhaps a frosted bundt cake topped with sweet pralines, a praline cheesecake, or a southern style caramel layer cake you'll find tailgaters from neighboring vehicles asking if you have any cake to spare. And when the game starts, handing out one of our chocolate caramel apples to each of your little football fans will keep them busy for at least the first quarter of the game.

So bookmark our website so you can return again and again throughout the year: for fall gifts to give to your kids' teachers, teachers; for stocking stuffers at Christmas, and valentine gifts for your sweetie, all delivered to your door. Unless of course you prefer to face the elements, stand in line waiting to be served, then return home laden with bags and boxes. It's up to you, the choice is yours.