A Brief history of River Street Sweets:

     Oh, fudge. That's how it all began.
     Back in 1978, young Tim Strickland was at the Atlanta Gift Market trade show with his big sister Jennifer and their parents, Stan and Pam. The family was at the show hoping to find some items for The Cotton Bale, their gift shop, back home on historic River Street in Savannah, Georgia that opened in 1973. Tim, who could be quite insistent in spite of his tender age of eleven, stumbled upon a fudge pot and begged his parents to put it in the store. His parents finally agreed, and, a week later, on St. Patrick's Day, Jennifer made the first batch of chocolate mint fudge. The fudge sold like crazy, and it soon became obvious that candy was much more popular than knick-knacks and Christmas ornaments. Six months later, River Street Sweets became a full-fledged candy store.

     Almost immediately, the most popular treats were their World Famous Pralines, hand-dipped onto a piece of marble Stan bought from a gravestone company. Today, our pralines generate more than $30 million in annual sales, making us the leading supplier of pralines on the planet!

     The oldest candy store in Savannah, River Street Sweets is still family owned and operated by Jennifer and Tim. Just down the street, Stan "The Candy Man" operates Savannah's Candy Kitchen, the largest candy store in the south since 1990.

     With a combined history of 100 years of candy making experience, the Strickland family has made the south synonymous with gourmet southern sweets. Whether it be our World Famous Pralines, saltwater taffy, crunchy, hand stretched peanut brittle or homemade pecan pies, our made-from-scratch southern delicacies are known worldwide.

     Our guests have always loved the nostalgic experience of watching candy makers dip pralines onto giant marble slabs; stir glazed pecans in huge copper kettles; and see our 100-year-old saltwater taffy machine in action. We not only make our sweets in our stores, but also ship them out all over the country, and world, for that matter, throughout the year. The holiday season is our busiest time. In fact, we are one of the United Parcel Service's biggest shippers in Savannah!

     In addition to our River Street, Habersham, and City Market locations in Savannah, our family of brands have stores in Pooler, Key West, Charleston, North Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Greenville, Atlanta, Nashville, Lancaster, and National Harbor, with more on the way.

     That's because in 2014, we began to franchise under the merged brand name River Street Sweets • Savannah's Candy Kitchen. The Willard Family opened their first franchise in Pooler, Georgia at the Tanger Outlet Mall in 2015 and a second one in Key West in July 2017. The Hoffman Family joined us in opening their Lancaster, Pennsylvania location in the fall of 2017, and Lisa Warriner and Family opened her Greenville, SC location in February of 2019. We are excited to announce locations coming soon to Asbury Park New Jersey, San Antonio Texas in the Rivercenter Shopping district, Orlando FL, and and many more!

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4 Generations of Candy Family!

From Mrs. Georgia Nash and daughter, Mrs. Pam Strickland, to her two children, Tim and Jennifer and the up and coming candy makers and business professionals in their children, There's over 100 combined years of candy making experience that makes this a SWEET family!

We love to see the joy...

Candy makes us happy, and even more so when we see the joy visiting one of our stores brings to our guests. Coming here is like a momentary flash back in time to a simpler day where you can let your worries fall by the wayside. Lose yourself amidst the wonderful aroma of fresh Pralines, gooey caramel and candy apples, or sweet salt water taffy. It's pure happiness to experience, and we are proud to be able to be a part of it!


     River Street Sweets-Savannah Candy Kitchen
     Headquarters: Savannah, Ga.
     Employees: 325+
     Sales: $32 million
     Owners: Jennifer Strickland, Tim Strickland, Stan Strickland
     Retail Shops: 18
     Franchises: In Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and many more locations coming soon.