We LOVE Making Pralines

01/10/2017 - We ♥ pralines, and you will too!
Our very first job in the store was being official taste tester for Mom's homemade pralines. Sweet, right? We loved the job so much, we begged Mom to put us to "work" every day.

Back then, our sweet, buttery pralines were made fresh daily in our own kitchen using cream, butter, sugar & fresh Georgia pecans.

Guess what? They're still made the exact same way today!

We at River Street Sweets have what you may call a true sweet tooth. Since 1973 our pralines have been a staple in the community of Savannah Georgia and beyond. We represent true southern hospitality with a warm shop that always smells like fresh baked goods, the way mom's house always smelled. Locals and tourists are tempted on the street by samples that allow you to truly taste what we're talking about. And don't forget to get a box for your sweetie!