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National Chocolate Day

Meet Emma and watch how we make the signature swirl on our Bear Claws.

Emma has been making our Bear Claws and specialty chocolates for almost 3 decades so we thought it only appropriate to introduce her for National Chocolate Day! (October 28th)

It's hard to beleive its already been this long, but back in 2010 Emma was interviewed for her 20th anniversary with us by Savannah Morning News in an article titled "On the Job with Emma Igo". You are welocme to see the article here, and watch the videos below to see Emma making delicious candies, fudge, apples, and our signature swirled Bear Claws! Just as we celebrate National Chocolate Day, we also celebrate having Emma Igo as a world class Chocolatier and an important part of our family!

How many Bear Claws do you think Emma has made in her life time? Comment your guess below and let us know what you would like to see in our next blog post!