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When it comes to listing our best-selling sweets we thought it would be a no-brainer. After all, we're in Georgia where the pecan rules the nut roost. But when we sat down to look at the figures, we saw it wouldn't be as easy as we thought. Since our customers liked anything pecan, we could see that our list would be a long one.

Customers who are pecan purists bought bags of our Glazed Pecans, packed with gigantic golden-glazed pecans. Yes, bags; one or two bags of our specially packed gift bags to save as hostess gifts; and one or two of our regular lb. bags for their private stash of salty-sweet snacks to munch on while watching TV, or to enjoy with their after-dinner coffee. But then they scroll down the page or if they are visiting one of our seven River Street Sweets candy stores, they wander down the aisle where they spy the Pecan Praline Classic Box and the Assorted Bear Claws Classic Box, and they're paralyzed with indecision. Do they want their fix of pecans ensconced in our world-famous praline recipe or would pecans gripped in bears' claws awash in white and dark chocolate and freshly made caramel better hit the spot.? Many decide they can't decide, so they add both pralines and bear claws to their order.

But wait -- a list of our best-selling products would not be complete without our Southern Caramel Layer Cake. Although sales spike at holidays and special days like Mother's Day, this rich moist cake is a year-round best-seller. But then how could it not be? Not only is it iced with moist buttery caramel, but caramel is also baked right into it. And for those who are complete newbies to River Street Sweets, may we recommend our Sweet Treat Assortment or our Southern Sampler Box? Both have a little bit of this and that -- all the above-mentioned best-selling treats plus our delectable peanut brittle in the Southern Sampler Box, and caramel corn in the Sweet Treat Assortment. And speaking of a little bit of this and that, if you have been charged with choosing employee gifts for special occasion celebrations at your workplace, we direct you to our Taste of Georgia Gift Basket, Deluxe, and our Southern Sampler Gift Box. And, maybe a box or two of Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels for setting out on all the tables? See what we man, it's not so easy listing all our best selling sweet, but then you can see why they're bestsellers, can't you?