Gourmet Popcorn

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      Gourmet popcorn tins you can't resist
      If there is one thing we all love it's popcorn! So much so that Americans gobble down 17 billion quarts of this delicious treat every single year. Considering how much popcorn is consumed every year, it is no wonder that people are looking for unique flavors to test their taste buds. Sometimes you are in the mood for a traditional butter or cheddar flavored popcorn. When the cravings strikes we've got you covered, and when you are hungry for something a little extra special, give us a call so we can satisfy that sweet (or salty) tooth too. From the basics to the extraordinary, River Street Sweets® has a gourmet popcorn you won't be able to resist.
      Promising to satisfy any sweet tooth, our gourmet popcorn tins come in a variety flavors, sizes and styles. From holiday popcorn tins that highlight every holiday celebration, to specialized popcorn gifts designed to complement the most special occasion, or the festive nostalgia of popcorn in the fall with our Halloween gifts, the unique flavors offered at River Street Sweets make a wonderful gift for the person who deserves something truly special. Among our most popular offerings are our two-gallon trio tin that is bursting with traditional tastes like cheddar, butter and caramel corn or our one-gallon pail that is filled to the brim with a single favorite like caramel pecan or chocolate drizzled pecan.
      Always fresh and made with the finest ingredients from our old fashioned sweet shoppe, our gourmet popcorn tins add a festive flair to any occasion and can be shipped immediately almost anywhere. Make someone smile today with a gift of our unique gourmet popcorn. It's a unique treat that anyone who loves the fresh taste of gourmet popcorn will cherish.