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Girl Scouts Quest Fest


July has been quite a stretch here at River Street Sweets!

On July 14th and 15th, we had the honor of being visited by a gaggle of girl scouts participating in this year's inaugural QuestFest Savannah for the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia. More than 1,100 scouts from around the country were in town to participate in QuestFest, a four-day festival held here in Savannah, home of girl scout founder Juliette Gordon Low.

Quest Fest sent the scouts on a variety of scavenger-hunt-like challenges throughout downtown over the weekend, including their visit to River Street Sweets.

On Friday and Saturday, over 100 girl scouts visited our flagship store to pick up their official QuestFest packets. Each packet contained a S.T.E.M. project that started with 10 pieces of taffy and instructions that basically said, "How far can you stretch this stuff?" In short, the scouts had to figure out how to stretch one piece of taffy into the longest single piece of taffy possible. In doing so, they researched and applied different ways to affect the structure of the taffy, then tested and documented the various reactions. The longer the taffy, the more points.

The scouts were instructed to take a picture of their pulled taffy stretched out against a measuring tape. The taffy had to be visible to the naked eye for the length to count. Points were determined by the total number of inches of taffy.

Here's something to chew on: When Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low was 10-years-old, she and her family had an old fashioned taffy pull, making molasses taffy at home. As they worked on pulling the taffy, which aerates it and makes it softer, one of the young boys participating noticed that the molasses taffy and Juliette's hair had the same pretty, dark chestnut color in common. He convinced her to let him braid some of the taffy into her long locks.

Well, you can imagine what happened next. When the taffy and Juliette's hair refused to let go of one another, she was soon sporting a fashionable new short haircut.

Let's hope none of the scouts found themselves in such a sticky situation! How long can YOU pull a piece of taffy? Give it your best shot and send your pics to JenM@riverstreetsweets.com. And in the meantime, stay sweet!