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Prey-leen or Prah-leen

How do YOU say it?

While we may never come to an agreement on the pronunciation, we can all agree on one thing--Pralines are heavenly. Once a French confection consisting of a caramel-covered almond or hazelnut, now a Southern staple made of butter, cream, sugar, and Georgia pecans.

At River Street Sweets®, our doors are always open and the experience of our candy store is unlike any other. The sweet aroma fills the air the second you step foot under our red awning on historic River Street, or at any of our family owned stores and franchise locations.

You can often hear, "Praline Samples inside, warm pralines inside!" & If the smell of Pralines doesn't make you walk through the front door, our candy makers will! Each and every guest is greeted with a warm Praline sample, the definition of true Southern hospitality.

On any day, our guests can be found gazing into our open kitchens as they watch the entire sweet process unfold right in front of them. Our Pralines are made fresh all day, with only the best ingredients and then individually hand dipped on marble to cool. We don't call them World Famous for nothing!

There are endless ways Pralines can be served, but they are best enjoyed hot off the marble slab. Can't get enough of our World Famous Pralines®? No worries, we have you covered. Praline Ice Cream, Praline Cake, Praline Cheesecake & Praline Pecans are just a few of our favorite ways we've combined our favorite things

This deeply southern & unapologetically sweet treat has been enjoyed by all walks of life in our stores for over 46 years. Prey-leen or Prah-leen? Either way, our doors are always open & we can't wait to sweeten your day!

Praline Cakes

Cake or Cheesecake?

We come from a family of bakers and a family of candy makers. So it was pretty much inevitable that our World Famous Pralines® would find their way into our homemade cakes. The recipes are long held, family secrets, so we're only allowed to say this - we make each cake by hand in small batches using ingredients like real butter, sugar and fresh Georgia pecans.

4 generations of candy family

Ice Cream or Gelato?

On a sweltering summer day, nothing is quite as satisfying as enjoying a bowl of delicious ice cream. At River Street Sweets®, we offer homemade ice cream and gelato inspired by our classic candy flavors like Pralines-N-Cream and decadent Chocolate Bear Claw Ice Cream. When you're looking for an ice cream store near you in Savannah, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Lancaster, San Antonio, and Greenville (with many more coming soon!) stop by one of our shops for a tasty frozen treat.

Praline Pecan Canister

The perfect snack

A sweet and southern art of perfection! We take fresh mammoth sized Georgia Pecan halves and individually coat them with our World Famous Praline® recipe. These treasures are separated by hand for a mouth watering Praline sensation in single nutty bites.