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Taste of Georgia Gift Basket, Deluxe Taste of Georgia Gift Basket, Deluxe
Sweet Treat Assortment Sweet Treat Assortment
Savannah Sampler Gift Box Savannah Sampler Gift Box
Grab Basket serves 12-13 Grab Basket serves 12-13
Classic Trio Canister Classic Trio Canister
Praline Cake Praline Cake
Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels Combo Box Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels Combo Box
Glazed Pecan Tin Glazed Pecan Tin
Assorted Chocolate Pretzel Canister Assorted Chocolate Pretzel Canister
Taste of Georgia Gift Basket Taste of Georgia Gift Basket
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Chocolate Overdose Collection Chocolate Overdose Collection
World Famous Praline Canister World Famous Praline Canister
Deluxe Grab Basket Deluxe Grab Basket
Red Velvet Layer Cake Red Velvet Layer Cake
Grab Basket Serves 4-5 Grab Basket Serves 4-5
Southern Caramel Layer Cake Southern Caramel Layer Cake
Praline Cheesecake Praline Cheesecake
Grab Basket Serves 10 Grab Basket Serves 10
Grab Basket serves 8-9 Grab Basket serves 8-9
Original Praline Treat Box, 8oz Original Praline Treat Box, 8oz
Bear Claw Treat Box, 8oz Bear Claw Treat Box, 8oz
Glazed Pecan Treat Box, 10oz Glazed Pecan Treat Box, 10oz
Praline Pecan Treat Box, 10oz Praline Pecan Treat Box, 10oz
Peanut Brittle Treat Box, 10oz Peanut Brittle Treat Box, 10oz
Salt Water Taffy Treat Box, 8oz Salt Water Taffy Treat Box, 8oz
Nutty Caramel Corn Treat Box, 6oz Nutty Caramel Corn Treat Box, 6oz
Office Party Basket, 15-20 Person Office Party Basket, 15-20 Person
Grab Basket Serves 15-20 Grab Basket Serves 15-20
Gourmet Popcorn Gift Tin Gourmet Popcorn Gift Tin
Caramel Popcorn Trio Caramel Popcorn Trio
Assorted Chocolate Bear Claw Canister Assorted Chocolate Bear Claw Canister
Best Sellers Canister- Praline & MC Bear Claws Best Sellers Canister- Praline & MC Bear Claws
Glazed Pecan Canister Glazed Pecan Canister
Nutty Duo Canister Nutty Duo Canister
Praline Pecan Canister Praline Pecan Canister
Cinnamon Pecan Cake Cinnamon Pecan Cake
Fall Sprinkles Apples Fall Sprinkles Apples
Southern Cake Trio Southern Cake Trio
Southern Sampler Gift Box Southern Sampler Gift Box
Milk Chocolate Pecan Bark Milk Chocolate Pecan Bark
Dark Chocolate Cranberry Pecan Bark Dark Chocolate Cranberry Pecan Bark
Signature Box of Favorites Signature Box of Favorites
$10 Gift Card $10 Gift Card
$100 Gift Card $100 Gift Card
$20 Gift Card $20 Gift Card
$25 Gift Card $25 Gift Card
$30 Gift Card $30 Gift Card
$50 Gift Card $50 Gift Card
$75 Gift Card $75 Gift Card
One of Everything One of Everything
Strickland Family Favorites Strickland Family Favorites
Custom Triple Treat Gift Box Custom Triple Treat Gift Box
Custom Southern Sampler Custom Southern Sampler
Custom 10pc Classic Praline Gift Box Custom 10pc Classic Praline Gift Box
Custom 10pc Praline & Bear Claw Box Custom 10pc Praline & Bear Claw Box

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