River Street Sweets Voted One of the South's Greatest Bosses

Tim and Jennifer Strickland standing against a checkered tile wall with a marble slab in front of them hosting freshly made World Famous Pralines

By Barry Kaufman 

Published Aug 01, 2017 - South Magazine

There are many icons of the city of Savannah: the fountain at Forsyth Park, with its rooster tails of glistening water shooting into the heavens; the Bird Girl statue, ubiquitous in every gift shop in town; the mob of party-goers that flood the city every year for St. Patrick's Day. But there is one icon that's more elusive, harder to get into a photo and thus less likely to be included in tourism brochures. read the full article here... 

A note from the staff:

Everyone at River Street Sweets, and it's family of brands, are excited to celebrate this honor for Tim and Jennifer. They truly are a dynamic duo in regards to business and loyalty to their colleagues and employees. Being part of this ever expanding family is a wonderful testament to the solid foundation they have led, and continue to lead by example. 

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