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      Southern Candy Store - Unique Online Specials
      Can't wait until your next trip to Savannah to enjoy the familiar flavors of caramel, Georgia pecans, and creamy chocolate bear claws? Stock up in between visits while sticking to your budget by taking advantage of our amazing online-only sales. When you're making sweet treats by hand with such attention to detail, you can't help but want to share them with everyone! Each week, we offer exciting discounts on a different selection of products and gift collections to make sure there's something for everyone in our rotation of special offers.
      By taking advantage of each coupon and special promotion of candy for sale, you can always find some freshly made Savannah sweets to give as gifts no matter the time of the year. You'll never struggle to find the perfect birthday or holiday present when there's a collection of attractively packaged candies, fudge, and other delicious desserts waiting on our online specials page. We're always happy to hear that someone new has experienced the delight of tasting fresh Southern pralines for the first time, and we can ship your order directly to the gift recipient or to your home so you can present it in person. Make sure to let your gift recipient know that their gift came from River Street Sweets® so they know where to go for another sample of our flavors.
      Browsing our online specials is the best way to find something new to try if you've already sampled the various spiced nuts, bakery treats, and chocolate bear claws we offer. With a wide range of products and gift boxes cycling in and out of the specials category, you'll get to experience the full River Street Sweets® experience. Saving money on each item allows you to fit more candy in each order, making it a little easier to share those mouth-watering pralines.
      Best of all? You don't even need to hunt down a River Street Sweets® promo code to take advantage of our specials. Each time we add a new deal or put a product on sale, it appears here for everyone to enjoy. Of course, demand runs high for our best monthly club subscriptions, gift boxes, and seasonal varieties. Make sure to order your favorites as soon as they're listed or you might miss out. And don't forget, you can choose your preferred shipping dates at checkout so your gifts will always arrive fresh, just when you want them to, even if they were chosen while on sale!