Our homemade ice cream - Where to find it

On a sweltering summer day in the South, nothing is quite as satisfying as enjoying a bowl of delicious ice cream. At River Street Sweets, we offer homemade ice cream and homemade gelato to help you stay cool in the heat. When you’re looking for an ice cream store near you ice cream store near you in Savannah or Charleston, stop by one of our shops for a tasty treat.

Popular Ice Cream Flavors

Although you can find a wide range of ice cream flavors to choose from these days, there are certain flavors that are much more in demand than others. River Street Sweets has the classic flavors you love, along with more unusual flavors that are in high demand. Whether you enjoy the smooth, traditional taste of vanilla or you prefer the more sugary taste of Birthday Cake ice cream, we have what you’re looking for. You can also choose from our other tempting flavors, such as Rocky Road, Cookies-N-Cream or Banana Pudding, for a sweet summer treat.

Popular Gelato Flavors

Gelato offers a smoother and creamier texture compared to ice cream, although our homemade ice cream and homemade gelato both offer a delectable treat that hits the spot when you want to escape the heat. At River Street Sweets, we offer several gelato flavors for you to choose from. If you prefer a fruity flavor, you can’t beat the refreshing taste of our Lemon Sorbet, Key Lime Pie and Pink Grapefruit Sorbet gelato. We also have quite a few non-fruity flavors to consider, including Coffee Crunch, Salted Caramel and Tiramisu.

Ice Cream vs. Gelato

Do you know what the difference is between ice cream and gelato? Both are made from similar basic ingredients, such as mild, cream and sugar. However, gelato is typically made with more milk and contains less cream. This is what gives gelato its silky, smooth texture compared to ice cream. Gelato also tends to have a lower fat content than ice cream, which is ideal for those who want to enjoy a sugary treat without the guilt.

Beat the Heat with a Sweet Treat

River Street Sweets offers ice cream at our locations in Savannah and Charleston. Visit our East River Street or Habersham location in Savannah or our Market Street or King Street locations in Charleston. We also have ice cream coming to our store in Barefoot Landing at Myrtle Beach soon. While waiting for your ice cream or gelato, browse our shop to see our wide selection of delicious treats that make great gifts for friends and family.