Saltwater Taffy

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      Old fashioned salt water taffy is fun for all ages
      The sand, the sun, the rushing waves- who doesn't love a day at the beach? Now you can relive those relaxing and fun-filled hours all year long! One taste of River Street Sweets® famous salt water taffy and you will be sent back to summertime. Unlike any other confections, old fashioned taffy makes you feel like you're at the beach, no matter where you live, or what the weather outside of your window may be like at the moment. 
      Offering the kind of old fashioned taffy that conjures memories of the past, River Street Sweets® prides itself in the ability to recreate the boardwalk experience of yesteryear. Hand pulled and stretched by a 100-year-old taffy machine, the old fashioned taffy made here epitomizes a trip to the seashore.
      From summer flavors like banana and watermelon to standard favorites including peppermint and chocolate, River Street Sweets® offers two dozen salt water taffy flavors designed to bring back your own memories of a trip to the beach. Only this kind of old fashioned homemade taffy can offer such a soft and chewy experience! Purchase this treat for yourself or wish someone a happy birthday to share the nostalgia of fun summer days.
      Made with only the freshest ingredients, the old fashioned taffy made at River Street Sweets® is simple and nostalgic, offering fresh flavor and old fashioned charm.
      Yearning for a taste of summertime fun? There is no need to trek to the shore. River Street Sweets® can ship your favorite flavors across the United States. Ours is soft and chewy, made from scratch and hand pulled and stretched on an 100 year old taffy machine. Sink your teeth into a classic coastal favorite, even if you're nowhere near the shore.