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      Keepsake gift tins filled with your classic favorites
      What kind of decadent small-batch candy your recipient will delight in depends on you. For nut lovers of all kinds, choose the sweet and savory combination of nuts with chocolate and other luscious ingredients. We offer tins filled with pralines, peanut brittle – with or without chocolate, candy-coated pecans and an assortment of other nutty favorites. You can opt for the exciting combination of flavors that make up our chocolate bear claws or chocolate covered almond toffee. You can't go wrong with chocolate tins filled with our handmade chocolates or with savory snacks such as popcorn, roasted nuts or pretzels. If you can't decide on a treat, pick one of our mixed tins with a combination of delights.
      Rise to the Occasion
      Candy gifts aren't always so much about the type of candy they contain as they are about providing a scrumptious treat to mark a special occasion. Choose our holiday tins or birthday tins, and pick regular chocolate tins as a thoughtful gift for your own important dates. These gifts even provide a way to express a sentiment, such as "thinking of you." Candy gifts make a perfect choice for bosses, teachers and new acquaintances, as well as a special treat to satisfy the personal preferences of those you know well. Our candy tins come with decorative designs to fit your occasion and recipient.
      Browse Our Selection of Treats
      We wish you could come to our Savannah store to see our array of treats in person, sample to find your favorites and be enveloped by the aroma of our pralines while we're making them on the spot. But the next best thing is to peruse our images and read our descriptions, so you can gain a feel for the flavors, textures and eye-catching beauty of each of our satisfying treats. Please feel free to browse our site and search by product, price and occasion to find a heartfelt, enjoyable gift tin for anyone and everyone in your life.