Valentine's Day Sweets


      Celebrating the love in your life should be a part of your everyday routine, but Valentine's Day gives you a chance to really show your loved ones how you feel. Stop settling for chocolates and candies that have sat on shelves for months (or even years) when you can order the freshest and tastiest handmade Valentine's Day candy directly from us here at River Street Sweets. Our selection includes all the chocolates you need to woo someone whether you're on your first date or celebrating 50 years of marriage.

      Need the perfect gift for her that is a step above the usual bouquet of roses? Give her a selection of Valentine's Day sweets that are just as sweet as she is. From classic southern pecan pralines to gourmet candy apples that offer the state fair experience in February, there's something to please every lady in our selection of sweet treats. When you're shopping for someone on a strict diet, our flavorful popcorn gifts are a great alternative with fewer calories and just as much snacking fun.

      The gift of Valentine's Day chocolate isn't just for women anymore. Every delicious candy or treat we make here by hand at River Street Sweets makes an equally great gift for any man. Even the fluffiest white clouds of divinity, or slabs of rich peanut butter fudge, will make the men you love feel appreciated. Buying a gift for a big eater who can really put away their favorite sweets? Consider an entire cake or pie instead of just a few pralines to really wow your boyfriend or husband.

      Take a page from the long tradition of Southern candy making by shopping with River Street Sweets from now on for future Valentine's Day gift needs. Praline and glazed pecan lovers already know we're the place to go for their favorite Savannah flavors, but we're hoping that you take a chance on us as well. After your first order, you'll understand the difference that fresh ingredients and careful cooking techniques make in the finished product. Don't forget to order yourself a few sweet treats when planning your Valentine's Day gifts so you can sample the treats without making a dent in the gift you're giving.