Halloween Gifts

      No tricks here! Just the best handmade treats for Halloween.
      While we may find ourselves on the other side of the door when it comes to trick or treating, nobody outgrows Halloween candy. That's why River Street Treats puts its 100 years of combined small batch candy-making experience to work to create one size fits all Gourmet Halloween Candy for revelers of all ages.
      Be the house with the GOOD candy!
      For those who expect a big crowd of masked marauders, there are bulk cases of 50 or 100 individually wrapped bear claws, or the world famous pralines that put our family owned candy store on the map nearly 40 years ago. If you order a stash for the adults in the house, you won't have to worry about having nothing left for yourself when the doorbell goes quiet. You can believe that will be a very strong possibility when word gets around that you're handing out unique southern style treats at your house.
      Treat yourself too
      While you're ordering for the kids, grab a few of our Halloween boxes of assorted Bear Claws, original Pralines, or if you can't decide which, a Halloween combo box of Pralines and Bear Claws. By the way, any of these make great Halloween Gifts if you've been invited to an adult party.
      If you're the organized type who likes to think ahead, how about a Halloween Pail of Original Pralines or a Black Cat Pail of Milk and Dark Chocolate Bear Claws to enjoy now, and put the pails away for the kids to use for trick-or-treating on Halloween. Although we've never met one in person, we hear there are actually people who don't eat candy. (gasp!) If you're one of these, we dare you to say no to our popcorn pails, chock full of your choice of crazy corn, nutty caramel popcorn, or chocolate drizzled nutty caramel popcorn. For all the students spending the Fall away at college, a gourmet popcorn trio tin of traditional butter popcorn, cheddar cheese popcorn, and caramel pecan popcorn is a loving way to let them know you haven't forgotten how much they love Halloween.
      And just in case the question ever comes up in a game of trivia, River Street Sweets is one of United Parcel Service's (UPS) biggest shippers in Savannah. We ship to customers like you all over the world, candy aficionados who appreciate that we make all our candies in small batches in our own stores so we can ship them out fresh.