What to Eat in Georgia

Pining for the Peach State: Georgia's Most Iconic Foods ~ an article by Jennifer Bradley Franklin on www.foodnetwork.com

Georgia is full of amazing food, from savory Fried Green Tomatoes to Sweet Pecan Pralines, and this article written by Jennifer Bradley Franklin, published by the Food Network sums up the most iconic, must have foods from the Peach State. We are so proud that our Pralines made the grade!

"Georgia is the top pecan-producing state in the nation, and it just so happens that pecan pralines are what helped put River Street Sweets in Savannah on the map. Established in 1973, it’s the city’s oldest candy store. The toothsome sweets are made with just four simple ingredients: Georgia pecans, sugar, cream and butter. Don’t let the scant ingredient list fool you: The candymakers at River Street are artists, making melt-in-your-mouth sweets that even nut-haters will love."

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