Holiday Candy Gift Towers

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Gift Towers that Impress

    If you are looking for a gift that is both impressive for someone to open and easy for you to deliver, let us help you provide delightful gifts by selecting one of our Holiday Gift Towers. From beautiful packaging, delicious selections, and easy shipping we will make gift giving easy for you. These towers are a selection of our finest treats wrapped in gorgeous holiday boxes and tied up with our signature ribbon.
    When it comes to finding a showstopping gift (that also tastes delicious) we have some tall towers that will fit the bill. The Deluxe Southern Sweets Tower is the one that tops them all, with eight boxes filled with Milk Chocolate Bear Claws, World Famous Pralines, Mini Pecan Pies, Chocolate Peanuts, Divinity, Roasted Salted Pecans, and Glazed Pecans. If you are looking for a grand tower of treats with a different variety of sweets we also have the Golden Splendor Tower with eight boxes, it features some of our favorites along with our Peanut Brittle, Cinnamon Pecans, and our Nutty Caramel Corn. For the chocolate lovers in your life, you can send them the 7 Tier Chocolate Tower which includes boxes of Milk and Dark Chocolate Bear Claws, Sea Salted Caramels, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Chocolate Dipped Pretzels, Chocolate Peanuts, Chocolate Truffles, and our Fudge. If you are looking for something that is filled with our best sellers and customer favorites, you might consider our Holiday Jewels and Old Fashioned Favorites Holiday Towers. Each features four boxes of our classic treats, and both towers include our World Famous Pralines, Glazed Pecans, and Chocolate Bear Claws. We switched it up by offering assorted Bear Claws and Chocolate Covered Peanuts in the Holiday Jewels Tower, and Milk Chocolate Bear Claws along with our Divinity in the Old Fashioned Favorites Tower. With either choice, your loved one will get a taste of our classic favorites from the moment they open your gift.
    There is something about the combination of sweet and salty that is hard to pass up, and if you are looking for a gift with a little bit of both, consider our 5 Tier Holiday Gift Tower. It includes a few of our classic favorites with the addition of our Nutty Caramel Popcorn as well as Milk and Dark Chocolate Sea-Salt Caramels. With a sprinkle of salt in the mix, it will add a robust flavor to your holiday gift giving this year.