Gourmet Caramel Candy Apples

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An apple a day, makes for a sweet day!

   Most people get to enjoy caramel apples only once or twice a year by attending a Halloween party, street fair, or carnival. Why limit yourself to such a rare indulgence when we've got them in stock year round? The combination of crisp, tart apples covered in mouth-watering caramel keep our customers coming back for more.

   Our amazing apples are carefully chosen for size and freshness before they ever reach our kitchens. Once our candy artisans get a hold of them, the apples are double-dipped in caramel and chocolate. As if that isn't enough, the finishing touches are added as the final step, when our artisans decorate the apples in a variety of delicious toppings, such as Butterfinger candy bar pieces and Oreo cookie crumbles. The finished product is not just an apple, but an edible work of art! 

   Unlike many other candy stores, we make sure our apples reach you in perfect condition, rain or shine. We've perfected our shipping techniques so we can offer these delicate, heat-sensitive treats during the hottest times of year. We use express shipping to make sure your apples arrive on your doorstep in the same condition as when they left our store. 

    Not sure which types of apples to order? Try a seasonal sampler, such as our Fall Assortment. Colorful toppings and variations of nuts, chocolate and caramel give you a range of snacking experiences all in one package, and a unique birthday gift. Once you find your favorite, ordering another batch is as simple as visiting our website or giving us a call. Remember what the doctor ordered? An apple a day...