Homemade Fudge

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Sweet beginnings with Homemade Fudge 

    Oh, fudge. It isn't just one of our best selling items, it's the first sweet we ever made here at River Street Sweets. In fact, we were just a humble gift shop before discovering we could become Savannah's best candy store. Many customers who visit us know we're a family business, but few realize that, in 1978, it was young Tim Strickland (now all grown up and a co-owner of the business) who first spotted a fudge pot at a trade show in Atlanta. He begged his parents to buy it for the gift store...they did...and the rest, as they say, was history

   While the sweet, delicious smell of our homemade fudge draws visitors into our stores, the delectable appearance of each hand-sliced piece has a similar effect on our online customers. Once you let a piece of freshly made fudge melt on your tongue, you'll never go back to mainstream fudge from local grocery stores. Be warned - you very well may develop a new addiction after you find out how easy it is to get a fresh fudge delivery sent directly to your doorstep! 

   We streamline the process to buy fudge online so that you only have to worry about how you're going to work off the extra calories. Our selection goes far beyond the usual selection of fudge as well. In fact, our first batch was mint chocolate fudge made to honor St. Patrick's Day, so we've got decades of experience in designing new flavor combinations that have our customers coming back for more time and time again. We've been told we're the best source in the south for peanut butter fudge. Never tried it? Include some in your next order and there's a good chance you'll discover your new favorite sweet...

    In addition to fudge, we also carry a fudge-like confection known as divinity that is almost impossible to find outside the South. These sweet, white, candy clouds of deliciousness have a divine balance of chewiness, softness, and crunchiness thanks to the tasty pecan sitting atop each one. Who says heaven can wait? Try some now for a truly angelic experience!