Gifts for the builder in us all

    The construction industry is all about appreciation - for customers that recommend you, for partners that work with you and for vendors that are there when you need them most. This year take that appreciation to the next level with sweet treat construction gifts that always please.

Customer Congrats Gifts

    It's a monumental moment in any life and as the construction company that built the house, the office building or who did the renovation, consider finishing the project with a thank you. A gift tray of River Street Sweets'® handmade World Famous Praline® candies congratulates in a way they won't forget when it comes time to make a recommendation.

Partners Make the Magic Happen

    Designers, architects, surveyors, installers, specifiers, contractors -- they are all a critical part of completing any project. Gifts for contractors like our Praline and Bear Claw combo is a sweet way to say "Good Job!" to a partner that helped make you look good to your customer or when the holidays roll around.

Vendors for the Holidays

    A construction company is only as good as it's raw material, after all. Give out something customized and special each holiday season to the billing clerk who keeps your account straight at the local lumber store, for the account executive that gives you deals that keep costs down or wrap a box of pralines with a custom ribbon for the delivery person who is always on time.

Trade Show Give Aways

    Trade shows allow construction companies to network with potential partners, new customers and promising vendors. You can do what every other company with a booth at the show does and give away magnets or you can take it a step further with a small treat in a cute box with a custom label. Your company name will be forever on their lips.

Don't forget to reward the staff that worked the show and set things up for you, too. They deserve their sweet treat.

Special Rememberances for Staff

    They are the ones that keep things running behind the scenes. Give them the gift of handmade sweets every birthday, work anniversary, when a new baby joins the family or when they build their own home. Nothing says happy holidays better than a year-end tower of treats from River Street Sweets® candies, either.

Marking the Milestones

    Gifts from River Street Sweets® can help you mark every milestone whether you have just completed your first project or your 100th, use gift baskets of unimaginable sweetness to mark the occasion for staff, contractors, partners and customers.

To Make an Impact in the Community

    Construction companies play a significant role in any community, so attend local events and bring River Street Sweets® with you. Raffle off a bundled package for charity from your booth at the county fair or the annual street festival and support the community that supports you this year.

Contact us today for more information about River Street Sweets® gift products and homemade candies.